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Tea ceremony mindfulness meditation: nourishing the quality of spiritual life

Nourishing the quality of spiritual life

Tea ceremony (茶道) is perceived as an art form of enjoying tea in ancient Asian culture, is an artistic feature in Zen Buddhist culture. In the spirit of Zen, tea has been called Tea Meditation, a cup of time, nourishing the quality of spiritual life.

Tea meditation ritual is a cultural beauty, that implies its meaning is the expression of the art of mindfulness meditation.

Tea ceremony was developed around the end of the 12th century. In the cultural context of the United States of America, Tea ceremony is a traditional genre adopted and renewed by Dharma Mountain master, the name of the monk, who lived in that mountain, was called Dharma Mountain, so the residents and zen students gave a name to the monk: Dharma Mountain master. Ten years ago, the area was a wild mountain, he came here to set up a meditation center, who named it Dharma Mountain and Forest Meditation, he is the founder of this meditation center.

Over time, after years of living here, people have come here to learn about meditation and the morality of life, because of that, he used the Tea Ceremony method to create opportunities for the meditators to study and practice of Zen meditation.

Around that time until bay now, he brought some tea seeds to plant in the temple courtyard. Later, on every occasion there were visitors who came to consult and learn about meditation, he talked to them at times sitting together while enjoying tea, so he called it cup of Time of Tea Ceremony.


Gardening and taking care of plants is a part of the factors that form the quality of virtue.

These are the seedlings for planting along the Dharma Mountian, when we tending and nurturing them, until a few years later, they flower seeds. This first generation of trees is the variety F named D, when harvested to nurture saplings, we have a new purebred plant selected (F1D), and next we will have a tree has named Dharma Mountian Tree (DMT).

These 2nd and 3rd generations were codenamed DMF, they look great and form a mountain range that can be covere with this green plant at Dharma Mountain and Forest Meditation.

Nourishing the quality of spiritual life

Life-related activities, in places with integration into nature, demonstrating spiritual practice in Dharma Mountain, began to form a tea garden, called a Dharma Mountain tea garden.

The usefulness of a kind of dignity like the Tea Ceremony, an artistic life with the purpose of relaxation and the interesting and special appeal of the tea flavor has been able to come into practice.

Come to see, to enjoy and practice

Dharma Mountain Master (Thay)

Real life interaction will lead to a real life, as it is, it is life. In this respect, the intuitive perception to experience the practical experience that we have seen is extremely interesting, and has the value of fostering transformation.

The Zen spirit of Buddhism is the essence of the elegant way that makes tea enjoyment clear. Like many things that need to be trained, learned, Tea Ceremony is always associated with practice. Different from expecting somewhere, Tea Ceremony belongs to the "owning yourself" lifestyle.

Thich Giac Chinh

Dharma Mountain Master


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