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The concept of Ancestors: 九玄 七 祖 - Cửu Huyền Thất Tổ

Cửu Huyền Thất Tổ - 九玄 七 祖 is a phrase that often appears in ancestor worship in the Three religions/ Three teachings incorporated in Buddhism, with the meaning of including the deceased ancestors.

In the Buddhist scriptures of Chơn Lý, written by the first Zen master Minh Đăng Quang, the concept of the three religions is presented in the lineage of the mendicant school. He analyzed and defined the concept of the three Ancestor levels in the three religions. In ancestor worship activities, there is a worshiping ritual to recite and recite scriptures: Sutras of ancestor worship - Nghi thức Cúng Cửu huyền thất tổ.

The common meaning for this worship is gratitude, respectful gratitude and honor to ancestors.

Word: Nine (九), which means number 9

are phrases in literature and philology, which can be understood as: supreme, ultimate, many, many countless. (Example: "Nine times" (九重) " for example: nine infinite exponentiation.

Text: Huyen (玄), which means black

in the concept of literature (philology), it can be understood: These are states of implicit meaning that are magical, profound, or mysterious.

The word: Seven (七), is a number 7. A signification of the meaning of the wonderful state of peace.

Text: Ancestor (祖) - Tổ tiên

grandparents, previous generations, founder

Ancestor worship is a beauty of gratitude, respect gratitude. It is a profound implication of the upbringing of descendants of successive generations to always have respect, always having respect, building up a prosperous and long-term development.

Sincerely with Compassion,

Thay Thich Giac Chinh.


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