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" Having time to breath, there will be time for Enlightenment.

-Thich Giac Chinh

New Year brings a new opportunity worth exploring and a life worth living

Human life is a process in which any experience significantly influences the way people think, feel, or act can be considered the process of life. That is the process of education and enlightenment that brings enlightenment in life.

A beginning process of life and development, truly new and truly a beginning of New Time. That is the New Year. That is the New Life. New Year brings a new opportunity worth exploring and a life worth living.

In a process from the beginning: I move forward, I take out and I get up during the time series of life. The process is perceived as nurturing and teaching.

The process of recognie, awareness and self-awareness  in the life cycle of life: I educate, I educate myself; I train, I train myself; it's new, it's refreshing in the process of nurturing and educating in a process that is at the same time all three processes, the nurturing of wisdom, virtue, and physical education.

Entering a new process of achieving the maturity of knowledge - nurturing of wisdom, virtue, and physical is a new beginning for your own life. During this period, people at a young age - young people have basically been able to set their own life development direction. They can also rely on their own abilities and skills to shoulder the responsibilities they need to assume. They can choice are independent for themselves, there is a political opinion - a right view, or determined to get married themselves or not, and set up a career for their life. Choose how they can be independent to develop their goals, establish their personalities and nurture in learning and educate themselves in the process to cultivate their own virtues and intellect to come to clear understanding. This includes cultivating in the mindset of thinking and cultivating morality, fostering energy of ability of self and being able to be self-reliant. Making a career is a way of livelihood, a basis for economic independence. This is also the process that people must go through to realize human values.

In the same process, in many real-life developments, many people have passed this stage of life and have reached an age when they are called old age, but they do not achieve the process of self-reliance, self-recognie and self-control like some young people have achieved.


By cultivating themselves and cultivating in the personality education, of the specialties of some one, they have inspired to around, they gain inspiration about the art of living in connection. They achieve the process of creating their own career, have a clear understanding of the principles of life and social life, and sometimes they gain value beyond the dualism to settle themselves in a peaceful of realm, and their ideological life has touched the freedom of natural law. It is a new life, a new self-renewal in a process with the connection of material life and the life of mind and soul, where the realm of thought still flows in and out in a way of free.

A meaningful life, it is to make our inner self gradually become stronger in the process of tempering and dedication, turning external things into internal energy. Understand your responsibilities. They are aware of autonomy in their dedication and must bear social responsibilities, family responsibilities, being filial to their parents, and responsible for raising their children.  Or, opting for a family-free life, they still contribute well, and it seems that they have some freedom in terms with of family responsibilities.

The person who has reached the stage of maturity in life, is the one who fulfills his public duties and family responsibilities, finishing his or her duties. At this time, many things in life seem to have taken shape. The more you know about society, the better you can understand yourself. They learn to calmly handle what is happening. Seeing health declining day by day, do not panic, seeing death close to each day by day but do not panic. See and recognie the order according to the laws of society, but everything goes according to nature. They have a principle of life, and they have a better understanding of the weaknesses of life before the flow of time that is always old and new every moment, because they have realized and understood the impermanence of life and the universe.

In the stage of self-reliance, they achieve value systems for themselves and have a certain interaction in life and society; they are a strong pillar of the family and society, but they are also free to go the way they have chosen to achieve a life of freedom, to escape from dualism, they achieve a new law, that rule called the law of sublimation in life. This process has led to an enlightenment for themselves, it is really new, right? Without a doubt, whoever you are, it is a refreshing energy.

The newness of a natural process to sublimate into a schedule for timing determination into the New Year has brought human life into interaction and is within a certain rule, including the law called Social Order. People living in society cannot be separated from social life. The ideal and aspirations of an individual must be founded on the basis of a realistic society. There is a need for calm in the mind when dealing with the outside world. And this stage, we need to understand ourselves, reduce the fascination in thought and in life, this is not new but it is the self-new to refresh ourselves. It is being itself and being in a state of life that makes itself the refuge for itself. It's wonderful, this is a new moment in the New Year!

Sincerely with Compassion,

Cottage of Emptiness,

Dharma Mountain and Forest Meditation

Valley Center, California, USA,


January 31, 2019,

Happy New Year 2020!


Thich Giac Chinh

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