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The Sakyamuni Buddhist Sangha Of The United States

​This Sangha Foundation shall be known as the Sakyamuni Buddhist Sangha of The United States founded by His Honorable Thich Giac Chinh.

His Honorable Thich Giac Chinh is a missionary who founded the Sakyamuni Buddhist Sangha of the United States, Dharma Mountain Publishing and the Journal of Buddhist Studies. In the role of founder, at the same time the Honorable is also the person has followed the path of Buddha, is a practitioner commit to practice the way of applied Buddhism, build and spread to serve the path of peace to the public. Participate to protect, contribute to the development of religious diversity, buddhist education, culture and humanity to the diversity of communities. The Honorable Thich Giac Chinh is also an activist for Applied Buddhism, author, and journalist.

Currently, the Sakyamuni Buddhist Sangha of the United States has two meditation centers: Dharma Mountain - Dharma Meditation Temple is a practice and applied meditation center in Valley Center, San Diego county, California. Dharma Cloud Meditation Temple - Central Ministries Mission Agency is a meditation center and Missionary education facility in Pennsylvania.


As far as your wish to be invite the Honorable Thich Giac Chinh to appear, guide the Spiritual path, practice Meditation, conduct Zen Tea time ceremony or speak at your home or at your event, please use the greetings request form.


Built on the fundamental values of Morality - Meditation - Wisdom in Buddhism, there is a firm belief in the divine protection of the Buddha on the path of service. Practice, build and spread to serve the path of peace, religious diversity, Buddhist education, culture and humanity to the public.

When we go, we learn to breathe and serveice. I find myself happy in every step, I help bring my body to my heart; walk, walk away I whisper: Hey, I walk, I come back to the present moment, I will and continue to touch the colors of life. In a simple and services, I bring happiness to myself and around. 

This is a Center Dharma News, when you come, Dharma Mountain help you find yourself. Smile and Practice mindfulness to feel that peace. Open your heart in such a way that will help everyone present fell the happiness and peace. 

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