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  • The method of applying breathing of meditation to bring balance to life.

  • Create concentration in peace, to bring a sense of relaxation conscious to bring high efficiency at work.

  • How to own a good sleep and well.

  • Identify emotions to control and handle emotions to bring confidence and calmness.

  • Useful lesson for people, concretized for application in offices, schools, military personnel, in relationships to identify in order to create a balance that brings success and happiness.

  • Practice exercises are applied lessons to help people realize their own ability to transform and heal their wounds with their own’s practice.

Peace in each breath is peace in life.


If you are frustrated at work or at night you can not sleep because you are too stressed or angry and have dropped your precious breath, dropped your breath, it means forgetting your precious Mind-Body.

Breath is worth the price of human life and is more valuable than jewelry, money. This lesson aims to help you have a relaxed life, have fun and have a peaceful sleep in the busy flow of modern times.


If you are breathing, breathing in, breathing without knowing whether you are breathing, or too stressed with in breathing ... all of this makes you more stress.

In order to have the lightness of the body and the relaxation of the mind, you need to breathe freely and know that you are breathing, practicing every day like that three times a day, or anytime anywhere or at least once. You will find that you can effectively reduce tension, lighten your mind, help your body relax and sleep well in the night, sleep in peace.

You can do this anywhere, anytime and don't need any equipment, without wasting your time and money, just be aware of yourself and breathe in any action: when you go, stand, sleep, and sit.

Practical Steps:

Very simple, very fun and very effective; You will find yourself relaxed, reduce stress and will sleep well when practicing before sleeping once.

Step 1:
If while you are sitting, sitting anywhere: in a chair, in a bed, while driving to work or shopping, etc. ... Sit firmly in your back, take a deep breath, and breathe out completely evenly with your mouth. Natural, with the mouth 'O' put the wind out.

Practice and look and listen to your breath, it will be effective and interesting.

Step 2:
When the breath is first inhaled in step 1, in this step you relax your face and mind while closing your mouth and gently inhale through the nose, counting from 1 to 10 in mind, recognizing it. At this point you breathe, evenly breathing, relaxed.

Step 3:
Breathe deeply, breathe lightly and recognize your breath, keep your breath for a few seconds (usually 5-6 seconds) and can continue counting 1-10, in consciousness and letting go of thoughts.

Step 4:
When you inhale deeply and recognize breath 1-10, you breathe out completely with your mouth, palate makes up the word 'O' to make sounds like the wind, relax the whole body, and simultaneously create Make a connection to your body and mind.

Remembering, breathing deeply, breathing calmly and calmly through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, not moving the tongue and placing the front of the throat in front is the key to peace and good control of your breathing. You will have good sleep, deep and peaceful.

Then you breathe so well with your nose, occasionally escaping the 'O' wind.

Before sleeping, sit or lie flat on the bed and hold the breath comfortably with you in the chest cavity for a few seconds (5-6 seconds).

Holding this breath inside allows oxygen to circulate in your lungs and then help blood circulation to be more efficient throughout the body and oxygen is more present in the brain. This increase in oxygen has the effect of relaxing, awake and healthy living.

Focusing on the breath helps you forget stressful thoughts and allow you to focus on calmness, relaxation, memory growth, and good concentration for your goals.

Sincerely with Compassion,
Dharma Mountain and Forest Meditation,

Thich Giac Chinh.


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